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 Configure Sabre Print Module
(Sabre eVoya 4.4)

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This document is to configure Sabre Print Module for Sabre Printers.    For Non-Sabre Printer configuration, click here.

The workstation must have eVoya 4.4 Sabre Print Module installed:


Click on Start, Programs, Sabre Printing Module, Sabre Printing Module.

2. The following screen appears:


Click on Device, Properties, Add. The "Device" screen will appear. 

In the Name field, enter a "friendly" printer name.
In the Type field, chose the printer type from the drop-down menu.

4. Click Next to continue.

Choose the correct port from the Available Ports.

6. Click Next to continue.
7. Ensure the Port Settings are configured properly.


Click Next to continue. The "Host Configuration" screen will appear.  Depending on the configuration, choose either OFEP or OSG.


If OFEP is chosen, enter the LNIATA and primary and secondary load balancers as seen below and proceed to Step 11.  Otherwise skip to Step 10 to configure OSG.


 If OSG is chosen, eenter the LNIATA and Server IP Address (the Gateway IP Address).

11 . Click OK.  The "Complete" screen appears.
12. Click Finish and Restart Sabre Printing Module.  The configuration changes made will take effect.
A device attached to Com2 on a PC running Win98 operating system will require an update to the registry in order for that device to function.   This is a Win98 bug and a known issue.      To download the required registry update, just click here.
To Configure Sabre Print Module for Non-Sabre Printers, click here.

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