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 DSL/Cable modems cannot be USB - they must be Ethernet
VPN is a point to point connection between agency and Sabre host using TCP/IP via the a customer arranged ISP.

This document provides instructions for the VPN Product. Specific application installation instructions will be provided where needed. 


The following information will be required if using an ISP:

  • Local access telephone number to the ISP

  • Domain Name Server (DNS) entry information 

  • User ID & Password

The following information will be provided in the order:
  • Instant Internet Box Password
  • Alias IP Address
  • User Name
  • Key/Password
  • UUNET userid if NSP option
  • UUNET password if NSP option


  • Make sure that agencies have Business-Class DSL service
  • Make sure that DSL or Cable provider allows VPN services to be used over their connection
  • Make sure that Port 500 and Protocol 50, 51 are available
  • Sprint provides a Lucent/Ascend CellPipe 50A DSL router which is unable to pass the ports and protocols required for VPN communication.  Sprint does offer a Zyxel DSL modem which customers should request
  • If given a choice by the DSL provider, customers should always choose a modem over a router for hardware
  • DSL/Cable modems cannot be USB - they must be Ethernet
  • Installation requires at least one workstation has a CD-Rom drive
  • Workstation must have an Ethernet connection
  • Sabre 4.3g or higher 
  • 1 available port on the HUB and  Instant Internet box must be located within 20 feet of the HUB for a LAN
  • Cross over cable must be used to connect a standalone computer to the Instant intent box
  • An electrical outlet within 6 feet of where the Instant Internet box will be located
  • A dedicated phone line must be installed within 6 feet of where the Instant Internet box will be located
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Front & back panel of the Instant Internet 100-S unit

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