B2B VPN Connectivity

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Sabre is pleased to provide the following proposal for encrypted VPN connectivity over the Internet between AGENCY NAME and the Sabre Data Center.

Network Design Overview

A 56-bit encrypted VPN connection is established via the Internet between the Sabre Data Center located in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the customer location. Sabre provides fully redundant Internet connectivity, infrastructure and required bandwidth at the Data Center in Tulsa to support communication access to its VPN infrastructure. In addition, Sabre provides the customer with the required common VPN configuration information to support connectivity between the two locations. The customer is responsible for contracting with a Internet Service Provider (ISP) for Internet connectivity with adequate bandwidth and is responsible for premise hardware.

Implementation Overview

Listed below are the key deliverables and the associated timetable for a B2B VPN implementation.  Please note the timetable is based on approximates as each installation is customer unique. 




Step One:

Customer Requirement Document completed and AE forwards to Engineering
1 Day Submit Requirement Document to Account Executive

Step Two:

Engineering forwards proposal to AE
10 Days AE forwards Proposal to customer

Step Three:

Engineering and customer pre-configure for implementation
1 Day Pre-configuration information is included in proposal

Step Four:

Engineering contacts customer prior to implementation
1 Day Engineer confirms customer is ready for implementation and provides authentication password

Step Five:

1 Day Implementation may occur the same day if customer is ready

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